Monthly Archive: May 2012

Scarecrow sprinkler

Keeping the cat out of the garden

How do I keep cats from using my flowerbeds as a litter box? Take heart, there are non-toxic ways to keep the cats from digging around in the flowerbeds you’ve worked so hard to keep beautiful. I did a little…
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Plant problems

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Ladybugs are beneficial in the garden

Why is there moss on the lawn?

Moss grows best in shady moist conditions and can be a symptom of poorly drained areas of the lawn. Moss may appear in places where mower blades have scalped the lawn and where there’s no grass to compete, the moss…
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Lawn Care

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Photosynthesis basics

Did you ever wish that you had taken Science class more seriously, especially the day they covered photosynthesis? Understanding this basic process helps make science fascinating! So, this post is about the basics of photosynthesis. What does photosynthesis mean? In…
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Fun facts about plants, In Other News

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