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Tomato trivia

Fun and interesting facts about tomatoes! One reason we love the flavor of the tomato as much as we do, is their  combined acidity and sweetness. During photosynthesis, glucose (sugar) plus citric and malic acids are produced by the leaves and stems. As the plant ripens, the level of glucose in the tomato rises making […]


Indoor gardening

If outdoor gardening is out of the question, try growing your favorite plants indoors. Once you’ve had a salad made with home grown leafy greens and fragrant herbs, you’ll be hooked on indoor gardening. Best location for your indoor garden Choosing the right location for an indoor garden is critical. Windowsills are ok if the […]


Plant Hardiness Zones

Before you plan your spring garden, it’s helpful to know your plant hardiness zone. Hardiness zones are defined by the average climatic conditions of the region; knowing your zone will help you determine whether or not a particular plant will grow in your area. The map is divided into nine major zones, the harshest weather […]