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Starting Plants from Seed

Many Canadian gardeners start seeds indoors in January and February — then we’re ready to get out there by the time May long weekend rolls around! When to start seeds indoors 1. Check the estimated last-date-for-frost here: last frost dates for Canada and US. Below are Alberta’s first and last frost dates. 2. Seed packets […]


Tomato trivia

Fun and interesting facts about tomatoes! One reason we love the flavor of the tomato as much as we do, is their  combined acidity and sweetness. During photosynthesis, glucose (sugar) plus citric and malic acids are produced by the leaves and stems. As the plant ripens, the level of glucose in the tomato rises making […]


Squirrels won’t eat daffodil bulbs

How can I keep squirrels from eating my bulbs? Plant them with the daffodils! Squirrels won’t eat daffodil bulbs so your tulips and other favorites should be spared. In many areas of Canada and the US, squirrels rank high on the scale of garden pests and there are plants that they don’t like, daffodils included. […]

Nymphaea mexicana

How to care for water lilies

Water lilies (botanical name: Nymphaea) add beauty to your pond or water garden. They provide shade and shelter for the fish, and they oxygenate the water, reduce algae and act as a natural water filter. Tropical water lilies Tropical water lilies may be either daytime blooming opening mid morning and closing in the late afternoon, […]


Facts about zucchini

I thought I knew a thing or two about zucchini. But I had questions so I dug around and found some very interesting answers! I even discovered answers to questions I would not have thought to ask! So, in quick Q & A format, here are some fascinating facts about the very versatile zucchini: Where […]

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Photosynthesis basics

Did you ever wish that you had taken Science class more seriously, especially the day they covered photosynthesis? Understanding this basic process helps make science fascinating! So, this post is about the basics of photosynthesis. What does photosynthesis mean? In the process of photosynthesis, plants capturing light energy and convert it to chemical energy by […]